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Pre-/Postnatal Yoga Class

    Yoga is the perfect practice for expecting mothers to relax and stay fit during their pregnancies and to prepare for deliveries of healthy babies. We provide proper guidance, special tips and breathing techniques that help throughout the nine months to manage all the changes women experience. Gentle yet effective postures assist to build strength and flexibility of the uterus and pelvic muscles needed for childbirth, aid digestion, exercise the spine and increase overall comfort. The practices can help relieve many of the discomforts that come with pregnancy such as nausea, constipation, lower back pain, headaches and shortness of breath. Many of our beginner classes are suitable for pregnant women and the teacher will give you special attention and care to adjust your asanas. If you are pregnant, please identify yourself to the teacher, even if you are in the first trimester. Not only do the teachers want to share in your joyful news but to make sure the sequences are safe for both you and the baby. Please contact our reception in you would like to arrange private prenatal yoga classes. 

"Pregnancy with Awareness – Creating Healthy Humans through Yoga"

Article by Master Sanjiv Chaturvedi published June 2021 

"During my pregnancy, I had experienced morning sickness and some difficulties but yoga helped me to relieve and control those symptoms. I often had cramping in my calf muscles but the days I practiced yoga, I did not have any cramping. When I was experiencing nausea caused by my low blood pressure, Master Sanjiv adjusted the breathing practices for me so that I may complete the yoga practice with ease. Over all, yoga gave me a general sense of well being and happiness during my pregnancy. Divine yoga gave me confidence to face the complications and feeling of safety." -Maiko Mitsui

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