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Private Classes

    Private classes are designed for those with specific objectives such as the rehabilitation from a sickness or accident, pre or postnatal support, or for the experienced practitioner seeking additional guidance to achieve advanced poses and proper body alignment.

Private Yoga Classes (45 minute class x 10 sessions)

    Private classes are designed for those with specific objectives such as the rehabilitation from a sickness or accident, pre or postnatal support. We offer one-on-one private classes for practitioners with a wide range of special needs. Contact the receptionist to arrange for a free consultation with Master Sanjiv to determine the best course of action for you. Prices and packages can be found here

 Yoga Therapy

   Divine Yoga is one of the premier yoga studios providing classes for different disease management for the prevention, cure and rehabilitation of physical, mental and emotional problems. Our classes are based on the teachings of Bihar School of Yoga, the foremost-integrated yoga system in the world. Under the guidance of Master Sanjiv Chaturvedi, who has received his Masters Degree in Applied Yogic Science from the Bihar Yoga Bharati in 2004, many people have come to Divine Yoga to have their injuries, ailments or issues diagnosed. With over 13 years teaching experience and having taught 500,000 people around the world, Master Sanjiv works with universities, schools and hospitals to provide simple, scientific and systematic yoga classes for all purposes. We have private and group classes for;

1.       Pre / Post natal

2.       Blood Pressure

3.       Migraine / headache / vertigo

4.       Neck / back / knee pain

5.       Mental stress / insomnia / office syndrome

6.       Digestive problem / obesity

7.       Thyroid problem

8.       Menstrual / menopause management

9.       Heart problem

10.     Respiratory problem.

11.      Special stress management classes for corporate.

12.      Skill and personality development for school children.

13.     Rehabilitation yoga classes for injuries, cancer, AIDS, and other diseases which need modern medicine to recover.

14.     Brain and nervous system problems - Neurological disorders include multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, epilepsy, and stroke.

    Our classes are developed according to the need of an individual with the combination of physical posture, breathing, relaxation and specific meditation classes based on the teachings of Satyananda Yoga, available only at Divine Yoga in Southeast Asia.

Practice Booster Class (30 minute one off class)

    A booster class is a perfect solution for a student looking for individualized attention to improve a specific asana (posture), pranayama (breathing) or meditation technique in order to enhance their daily practice. Appointments can be made at the reception.

Private Group Classes / Cooperate & School Workshops and Classes

    We offer group classes for people with different professions and backgrounds, catering towards their specific needs such as overcoming office syndrome, stress management, efficient use of energy, increase concentration and productivity, regaining overall well-being

  • Yoga for pilots and cabin crews
  • Yoga for doctors and hospital crews
  • Yoga for school & university students and teachers & professors
  • Yoga for executives and employees.
  • Yoga for stress management

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