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“I was looking for a studio to practice yoga holistically. As a beginner, I wasn't sure where to start so I signed up for Guavapass to try out various yoga studios. I was quite disappointed with most of the studios I went as the focus was primarily on asanas until I attended Master Sanjiv's classes at Divine Yoga, Master Sanjiv has a holisitc approach in his yoga teaching which includes asanas, pranayama, yoga nidra and meditation. He has very in-depth knowledge in the application of yogic science and his classes were designed to optimise the health benefits for the students. I could feel the positive changes just after a few classes. You will be surprised that you will feel more energized instead of feeling tired after his classes! ” - 04. July 2017

“The first word that comes in my mind is "Cured. Divine Yoga is more than a commercial yoga studio. It is a family place to come, enjoy and relax.

It is a great place for all levels and types of students. There is a pleasant diversity of members: Thais, other Asian nationalities and Westerners, men and women, young and old, pregnant women, people with and without health issues, singles and whole families practice here on a daily basis.

If you ever heard “Yoga is for everybody” but you are getting discouraged when seeing advertising of people doing difficult yoga poses, come to Divine. Here you will experience yoga is for everybody. All above mentioned members practice yoga together. There are no special pregnancy, senior or rehabilitation classes. They do however have separate kids classes on Sunday mornings.

The teachers are very professional and they give advice during group classes by considering each individual's body condition. They also offer workshops about various yoga topics and different meditation styles.

Classes change weekly and vary from restorative to challenging, from beginner to advanced and there is a great selection of knowledgeable teachers. Classes include initial meditation, warm up, physical exercise, breathing techniques and relaxation.

At Divine Yoga you get the possibility to experience the whole concept of yoga including yamas (right social behaviour), niyamas (personal observance), asanas (physical excercise), pranayamas (breathing practice), pratyahara (withdrawn of the senses) and dharana (fixing the mind on one point), 6 out of 8 limbs of Yoga. Where else in Bangkok do you get this?

You will learn that yoga is not only to perfect asanas or having incredible flexibility. The teaching principles encourage the students to alert themselves not to fight with their bodies, to do yoga with ease, awareness and without pain and exhaustion. This is the right place for those who are interested in achieving harmony for body, mind and soul, emotional well-being and health.

Divine Yoga not only offer yoga classes but also introduce indian customs and festivities like Holi, Guru Poornima and Ganesh Chaturthi. All this makes Divine Yoga unique and separates it from other commercial Yoga studios in Bangkok.

Divine Yoga is beautiful designed with an indian touch, has 2 daylight yoga and 1 meditation room. The Divine staff is extremely friendly and accommodating. The price is reasonable and worth spending for the quality and health benefits you get.

I love this place and I’m glad I found it. This place is a gem in Bangkok." - 10.04.2016

“I always thought that for Yoga I don't need to join any center as I can do it quite well at home. I was a member with WE Fitness and yoga was also there. I never enjoyed the classes and went to the gym also twice or trice a week.

Reality stuck me when I started coming to Divine Yoga . My body had never felt that kind of workout before in so many years. While in class I felt a energy surge beyond my physical body. I felt energized in all my 5 bodies and my Chakras. Each day I m feeling better n better. I have lost inches and a few kgs and the pains in my body have slowly disappearing.

What I understand now is that right Yoga under right guidance is very important. It is the only exercise where your body organs like kidney, heart, liver, pancreas, thyroid, etc get exercise. They communicate with brain cells and the whole system is recharged n revitalized. Everyday is a new day and experience for me under the captaincy of Master Sanjiv and my gyanmaya kosh my mind body is enlightened everyday. Thank you so much Divine Yoga.” - 22.03.2016

“It was the first time for me to practice yoga in my life. I was looking for a yoga teacher that teaches pranayama, breathing practices through the internet day after day until finally I found Kimi’s blog that wrote about meditation and pranayama. Master Sanjiv was introduced in her blog. This is it! I wanted to learn from this Master! I then contacted Kimi and decided to join his class.

Unfortunately I woke up with headache that day. My neck was also painful and my shoulders were stiff. I usually take painkillers but I remember Kimi said she goes to yoga even when she has a headache because she feels better after yoga class. So I went to class without taking medicine.

I was a bit nervous because it was my very first time. Master Sanjiv didn’t force me into positions but adjusted me when I did wrong breathing. To my surprise, all my pain was gone by the time class finished. I wondered if that was because of deep breathing. I always felt heaviness around my neck, shoulders and head but I felt so light after yoga.

I don’t know how to express this feeling…something clogged in my body was suddenly relieved. I’m so impressed I could feel my body changed after taking only 1 class. I will definitely continue practicing yoga.” - 09.05.2015

“Beside the cleanliness, classes available all day, great teachers, friendly atmostphere - My quality of life has been improved dramatically. I feel stonger inside and any physical condition is recovered faster! I barely got sick these past years. Gain concentration and much strengths internally. It's a place to remind ourself of Health is truely Wealth and to see things deeply. My favorite TIME OFF place, just you and the mat. Divine Yoga... no other names can be more matched than this! Thanks” - 25.05.2014

“Master Saniv is an exceptional and very dedicated yoga teacher. I have had the privilege to learn yoga from him in Bangkok for the last 3,5 years. I join and enjoy his yoga classes almost every day.

Master Sanjiv teaches Satyananda Yoga with heart and soul. He welcomes students of all levels and from all walks of life: healthy people, people with injuries and illnesses, pregnant women, children as well as senior people.

Master Sanjiv incorporates in his classes not only asana practice but also pranayama, yoga nidra and meditation. This allows us to experience what yoga really means. Master Sanjiv emphasizes the importance of breath awareness together with total focus on our body ( body awareness). The one hour I spend in his class on my yoga mat is just for myself. I can forget my worries and the outside world and so yoga becomes very meditative, relaxing and invigorating.

Master Sanjiv encourages us to do yoga with ease and total awareness, without feeling pain and exhaustion, without getting injuries. The body is our friend. He emphasizes that it is not important to be able to do all the very difficult poses, flexibility is not the ultimate aim of yoga. No need to nourish our ego but rather let go of our ego. This takes time to understand.

I love Master Sanjiv’s style of teaching. With his pleasant and steady voice he guides us through his various classes, keeps us focused and makes us feel peaceful, strong and energized.

He has made me understand that yoga is so much more than just physical asanas. Yoga is a whole life style which we should not only practice on the mat and in the yoga studio but take it outside into our everyday life.

Master Sanjiv has a very profound knowledge of yoga , yet he manages to explain even difficult concepts with simple words. This can also be experienced in his special workshops about various yoga topics.

I am very thankful that Master Sanjiv is my yoga guru. He is my daily inspiration. Hari om.” 18.03.2016

“Comfortable, clean with great and diverse masters!

At first Divine Yoga can seem a bit expensive, but the quality of the staff and the diversity of the offer are great! And it is anyway located in Thonglo where everything tend to be expensive, being in the center, close to a BTS is practical but has a price. Not only there are several masters, they also offer different classes in English, Thai and Japanese. Hence everybody should be able to find suitable teachers and classes depending on their levels, needs and timings. My 2 favorites are:

- Master Govind who proposes both dance and yoga, his dance style is amazing (at least 2 different styles proposed at all times: folk and Bollywood/Tollywood) and his yoga classes are never the same so you can always join without being scared of feeling bored a second. Some poses can be very challenging for beginners but they can join to try anyway, master will help and correct them. He has a very peaceful voice which will help people who are stressed or under pressure in their daily life.

- Master Sanjiv who proposes many different classes, he is perfect for beginners and is very patient, you can always ask him if you have doubts, and he corrects and helps during the class. He also gives options for people who cannot make perfect poses so that students can improve step by step. He also does not hesitate to share theoretical knowledge and to propose more classical classes with mantras (like Surya Namaskar, a class that ought to be scheduled more often).

I definitely recommend people to try many classes to find what is best for them and then to come regularly. After few months of practice only my back was aching much less and I felt a very positive impact in my daily life.

Staff is friendly and there are few events organized throughout the year to get to know better the other members. 25.02.2014

I'm glad that I have found the right place to do yoga. Over here, I can practice asana to keep myself fit and learn more about yoga ,besides all the beautiful poses, e.g. prannayama, yoga nidra, SWAN meditation, inner silence. If you want to know more about yoga, they also have seminars on various it!! All Divine Yoga staffs are warm welcome which make me feel almost like home. Thanks to keep me balance. 26.01.2014

“I love Divine Yoga. I like the variety of classes for all abilities and that I can fit my yoga classes around the needs of my family. Although the membership is relatively expensive, the quality of the instruction as well as the environment is well worth it. When I moved to Bangkok from the UK I hoped to find a yoga studio where I could develop my strength and flexibility. Having dipped in and out of yoga for 15 years I feel like I can regain focus and give more time and commitment to the discipline. I am very happy to have found Divine Yoga and I am enjoying trying different classes and styles. I feel more relaxed and peaceful after a class and I'm hoping to keep benefiting in this way. Thanks Natalie” - 17.11.2013

“Divine! I love my new yoga studio here in Bangkok! People are not only generous, but very welcoming and helpful. The students in the class are grounded and eager to learn. The instructors are very well versed in their background of yoga and love to teach. Not only do we get the yoga poses, but we also learn philosophy along with it! Thank you Master Sanjiv for all of your guidance! This is a great yoga studio to check out if you are visiting, or living in the Bangkok area! It's located centrally and easy to get to via the BTS and a short walk up Thonglor! 11.11.2013

“I would like to say thank you to Divine Yoga who changed my mind about yoga things! because I am not a person who keen to do any sport or other activities. However, after my first trial class. The environment there, the teachers (master, trainer), staff, classmates everybody are so kind and friendly. All teacher always pay attention on you. My husband so surprised to see that I keen to join different class almost every day. I proud to show off to people that I lost my weight for 5-6 kgs after be a part of Divine Yoga member (yoga every day for nearly 3 months plus diet and ignored all junk foods). I still enjoying my class and happy to see my body capacity improvement. Whenever my member period invalid. I definitely going to book for more term. Congratulations again for your new branch at Ari... ยินดีด้วยนะคะ..: ) ”

“A good day or a bad day is always a better day after a class here. ”

“A message from Mrs. Fusako Michishita, a lady who has started doing yoga for the first time at the age of 79. This year’s winter in Kyoto was extremely cold. I came to visit my daughter and her husband living in Bangkok. When I went to meet them after a yoga class that they have just recently began, they told me that it was fun with such invigorating faces. Instinctively, I said out loud, “I wonder if I could do it?”. I see myself as possessing zero athletic abilities and zero sense of balance. On top of that, in the past twenty years, I have removed a gallbladder and cancer from my left breast, fractured the fourth cervical vertebrae, and broken the base of my right leg’s femur joint. As a result, sharp nerve pains have haunted me. I was coming to terms with the idea that half of my body would not function properly. As soon as my daughter heard the words, “I wonder if I could do it?”, my daughter asked Master Sanjiv if he could help me and that is how I encountered Satyananda Yoga. He sat me down on a chair and began teaching me the breathing practices and to bring my awareness to every part of my body as I send the breath to those areas. He taught me the importance to examine the well being of different parts of my body through my awareness. I was astonished at how my preconceived notion of yoga was so contrary to his teachings. I began to appreciate the importance of knowing your own body and practicing to improve circulation in my body by the end of my third lesson when I noticed that I was able to effortlessly climb onto my bed. For several years, I was not able to get into bed without first sitting down. I became embarrassed of my misconceptions that yoga practices consisted only of unattainable headstands and splits. I return to Kyoto today after my private yoga lesson today but will return to Bangkok in May to receive his lessons again. I look forward to telling my ailing friends back home of the correct message of yoga that would promote health and help us enjoy our senior lives. My family and I are truly grateful to have met Master Sanjiv..”

“Dear Divine team,  since more than 6 month Master Sandeep (aka Master Sagar) joined the Divine Yoga family and me as a student am very happy about it. Sometimes the differences are obvious, for instance when a teacher has technical expertise versus when a teacher doesn’t. For me Master Sandeep has technical expertise, can demonstrate asanas perfectly and explained fully what is important in this pose and what not. But often the quality of a class is not about such noticeable things. In my own experience, the evidence comes after the class is over. When I feel quiet, relaxed, happy and not tired, that is the true evidence is was a good class or more over the teacher is good. I want to relax in my yoga classes and come to my yoga mat to feel; not to accomplish. The teachers energy is a main factor as well. Master Sandeep is focused, calm, centered, and enthusiastic at the same time. He pays attention to all students regular or beginner and gives everybody the feeling „I’m watching you and I am here to help your practice“. Just because a student is doing good in a pose does not mean he or she won’t benefit from teachers help anymore. There are always opportunities, even for regular students like me, to help them to have a deeper experience.  I am happy when teachers take the time to create playlists for their classes, it is a wonderful treat from the teacher for the students. And the majority of the Divine teachers have a fantastic music taste and know exactly what is the appropriate music for their yoga class. Though Master Sandeep has no music at all during his classes and this is a nice treat too, not to hear music in every yoga class. What I like the most are the beginning and the ending of his class. Master Sandeep starts all his classes with 5 min „short meditation“, just sit, close your eyes, breath and prepare yourself for the class. It feels so peaceful to start after this „short meditation“ with the AUM chanting followed by the physical practice. Shavasana in his class is pure bliss, no music, no walking, no talking…he only sits and give us time for breathing and relaxing. It sounds simple or not important, most teachers only pay attention to the physical practice the sequence (which is very important too, no question about it) but for me the right start and the proper relaxtion at the end is equal important. No relaxtion - no benefit.  When it comes to deciding who is a good teacher or not, it doesn’t matter what I think. The importance is how the teacher makes you feel.  Master Sandeep, I feel very good after your classes, especially the slower paced onces, the Balance and Stretch classes are my favorite.  ”

“Sometimes you need a good teacher/ instructor to change your life. Someone who is extremely dedicated and with a passion and an in depth knowledge of his skill, someone who has the courage to challenge you that he can change your life for the better and can actually do it, who can explain the most complex of concepts to a lay man and who can make the most difficult of asnas easy for all to do. I have found one such yoga teacher in Master Sanjiv. And while we have all heard that our true guru is within,sometimes it takes the guru outside to lead us to our own inner teacher. Master Sanjiv has the unique ability to do that. He is the difference between a yoga class and life changing learning.”

“Legend Master I am the luckiest person to enter a yoga world with Master Sanjiv! He is the perfect yoga person. In his classes you feel yourself in paradise, peace and relax. He feels every single person in class try to explain everything clear to everyone. He is very serious, smiles very rare but all his attitude makes him different, special and best! I LOVE HIM! ”

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