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Living with Parkinson’s disease

“Yoga gives me back my health, bit by bit, everyday.” Seeing Khun Lojanin enthusiastically attending beginner level yoga classes at Divine, one could hardly imagine he is bravely battling Parkinson’s disease, a long-term degenerative disorder of the central nervous system affecting the motor system. With onset of rapid mobility deterioration, Khun Lojanin’s daughter encouraged him to consult Master Sanjiv when it became evident that medication was not slowing down the disorder. Initially, rigidity and shaking of his muscles made Khun Lojanin felt doubtful that Master Sanjiv could help him. However, with his determination and Master Sanjiv’s capable guidance, he began taking charge of his disease by coming to private lessons. In a few months, he was able to attend group classes and regained enough fluidity in his movement. He has also begun to reduce the dosage and dependency on his medication. Not only is Khun Lojanin regaining physical health but also his confidence to enjoy and live his life.

Slipped (Herniated) Disk

“Yoga healed my slipped disk in my vertebrae.” Khun Pla is a busy oral surgeon who spends many hours in a twisted sitting position to help her patients. As a result, she developed an extremely painful debilitating condition of slipped disk in her lower back. Doctors warned her that she may need surgery and that is when she decided to consult Master Sanjiv. He studied her medical records and began private classes with her. Within 6 months, her pain was gone and she began attending regular classes. The added perk is that she got her husband to join her in yoga. Practicing yoga has become Khun Pla and her husband’s way of life to maintain a health mind and body so that they may engage fully in their professions and enjoy their lives.

Broken Femur, Post Breast Cancer

“Through yoga, I have found what I have been seeking in my life.” Fusako encountered yoga at the age of 79 when her daughter began taking yoga classes at Divine. Having suffered breast cancer, gall bladder stones and a broken femur, she lost physical flexibility, mobility, and confidence in her ability to take care of herself in her daily life. As a result, her immune system weakened and made her prone to illnesses. Fusako began her private lessons with Master Sanjiv with trepidation. Starting only with breathing exercises initially, he guided hear back to health. In a few months time, she was able to join group classes with her daughter and granddaughter and could even sit on the floor. Now at age 81, she has become an enthusiastic yoga practitioner, relishing her life with confidence and happiness.

Hip Injury

 â€śYoga stills my mind.” 10 years ago, Khun Maew was hit by a pickup truck and injured her hip and sustained serious damage to the related nerves. She suffered severe pain and, at times, had difficulty managing her daily duties. Through yoga and guidance from Master Sanjiv, Khun Maew gradually regained her mobility and strength. Most importantly, she learned that through body awareness, she could bring her focus to the area of pain and release the tension so that she can manage her limitations. Having regained her flexibility in her hips and legs, Khun Maew practices yoga every day and leads a very active life. "

Living with Sarcoidosis

"Yoga allows me to catch my breath.” Stefan lives with a rare genetic immune disorder called Sarcoidosis, which results in formation of granulomas in lungs and other organs, produced by abnormal inflammatory cells. The disease attacked his lungs and compromised his lung capacity to only 60%. With a demanding career which requires frequent business trips, his condition made his daily life taxing. When he first met Master Sanjiv, Stefan needed to take 4 to 5 cycles of strong steroid medication annually in order to control sarcoidosis symptoms. Master Sanjiv initially gave him private pranayama classes to regain lung flexibility, learn to exhale properly and inhale efficiently. Soon, Stefan began attending weekly asana classes, which enhanced his blood circulation and breathing improved. Now, he is less dependent on the steroid based medication to control the symptoms and feels he is in charge of his health again. 


“Diabetes runs in my family. My mother had been diagnosed with this condition in her early forty. She has been on anti-hyperglycemic agents ever since. As she gets older, the condition seems to worsen. Blood sugar has never been well controlled. Her physician keeps adding more pills. During the past 27 years, my mother had been living in India, the capital of yoga. She had practiced yoga asanas with some of her friends. At some point very frequently, but most of the time her practice had been sporadic. “Yoga” as she practiced then frankly could not help with her condition. When she moved back to Thailand three years ago, she kept her yoga practice. She would spend about an hour in the afternoon, three or four days a week, for her asana practice. Her diabetes condition seemed to get worse, and we all blamed the aging process. We thought it was normal—when people get old, the condition gets worse. About four months ago, her condition could no longer be controlled by pills. The physician ran out of the combination regimen. So he decided to put her on insulin. This meant daily injection of the agent into her stomach. My mother decided that it’s about time to change the way things used to be. Almost giving up on yoga, my mother decided to give it another try; this time with a professional help. She turned to Master Sanjiv Chaturvedi of Divine Yoga. Master Sanjiv thoroughly collected data about her health, and carefully gave her suggestions on her yoga practice. Apparently he believed my mother’s problem was more about her mind than her body. He recommended light yoga asana classes with an emphasis on pranayama or breathing exercise. My mother was supposed to come at least three times a week. First it was not easy for her since my mother was a socialized person. She has a lot of friends and activities throughout the week. However for her own health she managed to come as suggested. One month passed, my mother began to enjoy her practice at Divine Yoga so much that she stepped up her attendance from three times a week to most days of the week that she was available. She developed surprisingly good stamina in very short time, and made some good friends. The most satisfying result was, after two months, the doctor told her to stop the insulin injection since blood sugar level was well controlled. She is now back to only oral medication. This is to everyone’s great pleasant surprise, especially herself since she no longer has to inject herself everyday anymore. This wonderful story of my mother can never happen without Master Sanjiv Chaturvedi. We feel wholeheartedly grateful for his professional consultation and continuous care. Gratitude extends to all Divine Yoga staff members who have made my mother’s visits very pleasant. Lovely Divine Yoga members have been very friendly and supportive; and that makes my mother feel like coming back every day. “Yoga” is very popular in Thailand and all over the world. One can find yoga studios almost everywhere. Good teachers, on the other hand, are hard to find. Don’t settle too soon. Take time to explore options. You will surely know when you’ve found the right place, the right teacher for you. I strongly believe my mother has found hers. ” - written by Khun Pinyupa (daughter)

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