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Yoga Class Descriptions

    Yoga is a discipline to unify the body, mind and spirit, with the ultimate goal for the practitioner to realize their true potential. To reach this aim, regular and balanced practices of asana (postures), pranayama (breathing) and meditation are required. All of our classes are designed to heighten awareness in every practice. However, some classes focus more on body awareness, through asana (posture) practices and consciously to feel their effects. These asana classes are categorized into 3 levels of physical aptitudes; beginners to all levels, intermediate and higher, ranging from suitable for absolute beginners to those whose bodies have been trained for postures requiring higher level of technique. Asana classes promote physical fitness, as well as preparing the practitioner to sit still for more advanced yoga practices.

    Advanced yoga practices encompass Pranayama (breathing), Pratyahara (withdrawal of the senses in complete relaxation), Dharana (absorbed concentration on a single point) and Dhyana (stilling of the mind in meditation), with the ultimate goal to reach Samadhi, the highest level of awareness where the practitioner reunites with the source of the divine essence. We offer a wide range of advanced yoga classes in conjunction with asana practices. These yoga practices for the mind free practitioners from daily stress, foster cognitive clarity and aid to get in touch with their inner wisdom. Unlike higher level asana classes, students of all physical aptitudes can, and are encouraged, to attend classes with advanced yoga practices, indicated with a OM sign 🕉in the class description below.

 Yoga Therapy I / Yoga Therapy II / Yoga Basic                    Beginner / all levels

     These are our special and exclusive classes for prevention, cure and rehabilitation of various physical, mental and emotional health problems. Both classes are conducted at a gentle pace. The practices are developed systematically and are effective for students to eliminate health issues. Parts of the classes are as well joint-freeing series, correct posture imbalances, stimulating internal organs and increasing energy levels. The class is conducted with detailed explanations of each yoga posture. Suitable for those new to yoga, recovering from injuries or illnesses, and or with limited mobility, as well as seasoned practitioners.

     Yoga Therapy II is conducted at a gentle pace with systematically designed sequence of practices developed to prevent, cure and rehabilitate various physical, mental and emotional health issues. The sequence focuses on the spine and internal organs to achieve quality improvement and enhanced energy flow. This integral yoga class includes an adaptation of the moon salutation and breathing practices, allowing beginners to learn at a slow and accessible pace with detailed explanations and a chance to learn the advanced yogic practices of pranayama (breathing). Seasoned practitioners can deepen their awareness through these physical and breathing practices. Suitable even for those recovering from injuries or illnesses, and or with limited mobility.

Yoga for Beginners  / Gentle Yoga                                            Beginner / all levels

    Enjoy the benefits of yoga in a slower and more restorative pace. You will learn how to move in harmony with your breath. Practices in these classes help to learn various groups of movements and prepare the body for stronger postures and advanced classes. This series of postures is perfect for those who have never done yoga before.

Satyananda Yoga                                                                             Beginner / all levels

    Satyananda Yoga is one of the most famous and respected styles in the world. Developed methodical and scientifically for improving awareness of body, mind and emotions by Swami Satyananda Saraswati. It is a traditional form of Yoga, which includes asanas (physical postures), pranayamas (breathing techniques), relaxation and meditation. The main focus is not on the physical postures but rather on mind focusing practices and inner awareness. Most of the postures are practiced with the eyes closed, to get deeper in touch with your inner being and to let go of excessive thoughts and tensions. The class is for all student levels and what appears to be a gentle yoga practice at the beginning, is in fact a slow but very deep and transformational process of how to use yoga in our daily routine and making yoga a lifestyle and not only a physically workout.

Satyananda & Meditation 🕉                                                        Beginner / all levels

    In order to enhance the inner awareness aspect of Satyanada yoga, a 30 minutes practice of asanas (physical postures) and pranayama (breathing techniques) is followed by 30 minutes of Yoga Nidra (a guided deep relaxation while lying down) and guided meditation in a sitting posture.

Sivananda Yoga                                                                               Intermediate

    This class is based on the teachings of Swami Sivananda Saraswati. It is a traditional, slow paced, meditative class with easy postures and breathing practices to calm the body and mind and control physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. A typical class starts with pranayama exercises. After warming up with sun salutations basic poses were carefully selected including inversions, backbends, forward bends, twists, balances and side stretches - a little of everything, in other words.  With time performing the postures slowly and consciously the practice becomes a more mental exercise and results in a calm and peaceful personality. Because Yoga is a spiritual system with a physical component, this non-competitive approach helps the practitioner to get more than just a healthy body. Regular practice transforms the personality and help to improve interpersonal relationships.

Surya Namaskar 🕉                                                                            Intermediate

    Start your morning by celebrating the sun and its life-giving force through a traditional and spiritual yoga practice to increase your vital energy. This class is designed to balance the whole internal system through the awareness of body, breath and energy flow. Connect yourself with the practice of 12 different postures in 12 rounds of sun salutation together with 12 mantras that are chanted before each posture to praise the different qualities of the sun and give the entire practice a spiritual touch. The mantra script is provided to accommodate new comers. You will end the class with a calm and peaceful state of mind. 

Sun Salutations & Yoga Nidra 🕉                                                  Intermediate

    The sun salutation is a flowing movement of 12 different postures repeated from both sides of the leg. This dynamic asana sequence, often referred to as a moving meditation, is a complete practice in its self, stretching and strengthening all body parts, including the organs. It balances the whole internal system through the awareness of body, breath and energy flow. 7 to 9 rounds of sun salutation will be followed by a guided conscious deep relaxation practice of Yoga Nidra. Students will lie down on the yoga mat and bring his or her awareness to the points of focus being narrated by the teacher. The class is absolutely rejuvenating.

Asana & Pranayama I                                                                      Beginner / all levels

Asana & Pranayama II                                                                       Intermediate

    This class is important for everybody to develop an understanding and knowledge of asana (postures) and pranayama (breathing). These practices have direct effect on body, mind, nervous- and endocrinal system. A yoga practice is never complete without pranayama. Pranayama practices recharge and rejuvenate each and every cell of the body and control our whole personality. Students of all levels can join these classes.

Patanjali Yoga I                                                                                Beginner / all levels

Patanjali Yoga II                                                                                  Intermediate

    Patanjali is the father of yoga and his concept is known as Ashtanga yoga, which literally means “eight limbs”. According to him yoga starts with self-discipline. He explains yoga as being mind-free from all disturbances. Focus is this class is on the back and the spinal cord to control the flow of prana (energy) in our body and mind. Students will develop the ability to stay in any posture steadily and comfortably for longer, to improve patience, endurance and mental stillness.

Yoga Fire I                                                                                         Beginner / all levels

Yoga Fire II                                                                                        Intermediate

    These are great classes for students who suffer from a weak metabolism, poor digestion and constipations. The focus of these classes is to increase agni (inner fire) and to help the body to build internal heat to improve the digestive system, increase strength, get energy and willpower. There are basic postures that can easily improve our digestive system, massage our inner organs, balance our cholesterol level, burn fat, remove constipations and increase our energy level. But not only with physical exercises we help our digestive system to work properly. Even more effective are breathing techniques that remove toxins from our body and strengthen our abdominal muscles. These techniques should be practiced with care and need guidance from experienced teachers.

Yoga Basic Stretch, Gentle Stretch                                            Beginner / all levels

Yoga Stretch                                                                                    Intermediate

    In this class postures will be held longer and repeated more often than in other classes. Also in this class you get the opportunity to use the wall, elastic bands, blocks and your own body weight to build strength and stability.

Yoga Balance                                                                                   Intermediate

    In Yoga Balance the postures intent to improve the coordination of body and mind, balance both brain hemispheres, control the nervous system and develop a mature personality. The practices include toe, leg, hand, hip and head balances. Everybody can improve concentration, patience, awareness and develop a balanced attitude towards these practices.

Gentle Flow, Yoga Flow, Dynamic Yoga                                    Intermediate

    The focus in our flow class is more on smooth movements while in Dynamic Yoga the focus is more on building strength and stamina. Both classes include arm balances and inversions. Options and modifications will be offered to ensure the class is appropriate for everyone.

Yoga Core & Cardio                                                                         Intermediate

    This class is for those looking for a cardio work while gaining abdominal strength. The sequence of the postures moves with a faster rhythm and can change according to the teacher. This class is for students who like to do some strong and intense workout focused on arms, core and spine that will make you sweat. Practices are designed to develop a strong and energetic personality, improve core strength and stamina, enhance burning of calories, balance fat stores, improving lean muscles and tone the whole body.

Power Yoga I                                                                                     Intermediate

    Power Yoga has its roots in Ashtanga but was developed outside of India. The sequence of the postures moves with a faster rhythm and can change according to the teacher. This class is for students who like to do some strong and intense workout focused on arms, core and spine that will make you sweat. Practices are designed to develop a strong and energetic personality, improve core strength and stamina, enhance burning of calories, balance fat stores, improving lean muscles and tone the whole body. 

Hatha for Beginners                                                                        Beginner & all levels

Hatha Yoga I                                                                                      Intermediate

Hatha Yoga II                                                                                     Higher

    Nowadays Hatha Yoga is used in such a broad way that it is difficult to know what in particular a class is about. Hatha is put together of the two syllables ha + tha and means literally sun and moon force. It is the yoga that balances the two polarities, the physical (sun) and mental (moon) energy through practicing classical and advanced postures. Hatha yoga postures also stretch and align the body, promoting balance and flexibility. Hatha Yoga is the traditional and ancient system using body, breathing and cleansing techniques to improve physical and mental wellbeing.

Vinyasa I                                                                                             Intermediate

Vinyasa II                                                                                            Higher

    Vinyasa essentially means body movements are synchronized with the breath in an energetic way through sun salutations. Vinyasa describes the connection from one posture to the next. This class is an advanced yoga flow class and not for beginners. Some yoga experience and an understanding of sun salutations, postures and breathing techniques are recommended to join this class. It is an intense practice for regular students to build strength, endurance, confidence and patience. It as well tones and detoxifies the body.

Ashtanga Yoga                                                                                 Higher

    A South Indian yoga style brought to the modern world by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. A traditional Ashtanga practice follows the same series of postures. It is a combination of sequenced postures which generate heat and sweat to purify the body and open different energy channels. This practice increases strength, stamina and suppleness of the body. We offer the series in four parts for the gradual development of the students with proper explanation and stepwise guidance. This is not a beginner’s class and a regular attendance at least twice a week is recommended.

Arm Balance                                                                                     Higher

  This class is for students with a high level of physical strength and control with prior practice in asanas who want to develop their arm power, balance and learn challenging inverted poses. The practitioner will learn the techniques necessary to achieve the postures, guided by an experienced and attentive teacher lace wigs uk.

Private Yoga Classes

   In many cases, private classes can be highly benefitial for those with special needs and objectives. Please see the link for Private Classes.

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